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96.1 FM/900 AM W.U.R.D. – Vitality

On Monday night, I did my weekly segment on Philadelphia’s 96.1 FM/ 900 AM W.U.R.D. show The Lounge. I talked to listeners about vitality and ways to increase yours. Vitality, is the state of being active, the power that continues to give life to all living things. Vitality, looks different at different stages of your life, so I talked about each stage and what Young Adults, Middle-Age Adults, and Elders can do to stay feeling active and alive.

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Check out my segment LIVE on Mondays 6pm PST/9pm EST on Facebook here: 900AM WURD to hear me give insight on keeping your mind, body and soul right for your life. You can also listen to The Lounge at the same time here:

To find out more about W.U.R.D. and Black Talk Media click here:



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