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96.1 FM/ 900 AM W.U.R.D. – Depression Awareness Month

On Thursday night, I did my weekly segment on Philadelphia’s 96.1 FM/ 900 AM W.U.R.D. show The Lounge. I talked to listeners about Domestic Violence, as October is DV Awareness Month. I spoke to them about the history of domestic violence and how it has been scientifically examined over the last 2000 years. I talked about different thing we should know about depression and ways to work through depression including exercising and creating a routine for yourself. 

 Listen Below and Share!


Check out my segment LIVE on Thursday at 6pm PST/9pm EST on Facebook here: 900AM WURD to hear me give insight on keeping your mind, body and soul right for your life. You can also listen to The Lounge at the same time here:

To find out more about W.U.R.D. and Black Talk Media click here:


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