Meet Sarahn

Entrepreneur, Coach, Yogi, and Motivational Speaker

Hi I’m Sarahn! An entrepreneur, writer, motivational coach & yogi devoted to helping you on your journey to self-satisfaction. I am passionate about nature, a healthy body, cultivating community in any space, and if you couldn't tell, books!  I was blessed with the gift of helping people to find their truth since I was a young child. After a period of unhappiness and misdirection in high school and early college, I realized one day that it was my responsibility to find success and satisfaction in my life. I began studying nutrition, fitness, mental health, and spirituality, and started my journey to help others to do the same. 


I am the CEO of Sarahn Says LLC and since 2014, I’ve been traveling around the world as a motivational speaker, conducting workshops, and appearing on radio and podcasts. I've been coaching clients since 2018, and founded SATISFY Magazine in 2021.

I have a background in psychology and journalism and I’m currently studying to be a licensed clinical social worker. I believe that grit, gratitude and goal-setting are the keys to a fulfilling and fruitful life, and I feel so purposed in my mission to help others use these tools to see the truth of their light and to let it shine bright!

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Sarahn’s knowledge created a new wisdom for me in approaching my life.


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