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Meet Sarahn

Sarahn’s knowledge created a new wisdom for me in approaching my life.

Therapist, Coach, Entrepreneur, Yogi, Motivational Speaker and Journalist

Sarahn Sankofa is a Licensed Social Worker, Organizational Wellness Coach and Multimedia Journalist who believes the keys to success in every area of life are grit, gratitude and goal-setting.


I was blessed with the gift of helping people to connect to their truth since I was a young child. After a period of unhappiness and misdirection in high school and early college, I realized one day that it was my responsibility to find success and satisfaction in my own life. I began studying nutrition, fitness, mental health, and spirituality, and fell in love with betting myself. Soon after, I started my journey to helping others do the same.


My mission is to provide wisdom, wellness and warmth to my clients, instructing them to live life with unapologetic joy.

Through Sarahn Says, I help companies and organizations achieve and maintain internal holistic congruence. I work with individuals and couples in coaching and clinical capacities.


I am an enthusiastic motivational speaker, appear on podcasts and create digital and print content to support my mission.

In 2021 I founded SATISFY Magazine, which provides Black Millennials with healing outlets for social, sensual, and spiritual satisfaction.

If you’re ready and willing to start the courageous journey to self-satisfaction click here.


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