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Sarahn Says Sundays (with Caroline Valvardi) - 3.26.17

I was in the studio today with my friend Caroline Valvardi. We talked everything money! Financial literacy, money management and debt! We also talked about the missing girls in Washington D.C., tips for de-cluttering your space and more! 

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Today’s Content

Conversations that Count

Trump’s Health Care Bill

📷 (The News and Observer)

Parliament Attack in London


(Fox News)

Missing Black Girls in Washington DC

📷(News OK)

Guest: Caroline Valvardi

Caroline Valvardi is a financial services professional for the under-served. Currently she is a marketing manager at Meed, a socially-conscious financial technology startup company in Santa Monica. Previously she worked in her home city of Philadelphia as a small business loan officer at The Enterprise Center, a nonprofit community development organization that supports minority and women entrepreneurs. And prior to that, she was a direct service provider at Covenant House youth homeless shelter in New York City.📷

Music Tracks from the Show

Living for the City - Stevie Wonder

Price Tag - Jessie J

Rich Girl - Gwen Stefani ft. Eve

Brother's Keeper - India.Arie

Gratitude - India.Arie

Motivational Media - Tony Robbins

Mind, Body and Spirit Tips of the Week

Mind – Get up when your alarm goes off

  • Helps with your energy in the morning

  • The extra minutes getting yourself together are more useful than the extra minutes of sleep

  • Feel more motivated to start moving

Body – Try a new form of exercise

  • A whole world outside of the gym

  • Challenge yourself once a month

  • Pilates, kickboxing, Zumba, hip hop, etc.

Spirit – Declutter your home

  • 3 questions to ask yourself while getting rid of your junk – does it make my life simpler? Do I have more than one? Is it easily replaceable

  • Separate into piles – trash, donate, keep

  • Put everything in its place, notice where things do and don’t belong

Positive Affirmations

As I do what I love, money comes into my life.

Whenever I ask for support, it arrives just when I need it.

Money flows to me easily, frequently, and abundantly.

I see abundance everywhere.



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