Sarahn Says Sundays - 4.2.17 (With Kym Whitley)

    Today, on this beautiful Sunday, I spent time in the studio talking to listeners about Black Beauty in the media and our responsibility to discussing global warming. Actress and Comedienne Kym Whitley called in and talked to me about her life as a mother and actress and what she does to practice self-care. 

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    Conversations that Count

    Kendrick Lamar's 'HUMBLE' Lyrics (Topics: Black Beauty in the Media, Colorism inside the Black Community, Rap Artist Responsibility, Self-Love and Rejection)

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    To watch 'Humble' by Kendrick Lamar on VEVO click here.

    Donald Trump and Climate Change Policy (Topics: Putting American Jobs before Climate Change, Clean Power Act, "HOAX" of Global Warming, Concern of Americans on CLimate Change)


    Comedienne/ Actress Kym Whitley, known for her breakout roles in "Next Friday" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm". Kym has been on several award-winning television shows including The Parkers, The Boondocks, Animal Practice and now Young and Hungry which currently airs on Freeform Mondays at 8pm. She starred in her docu-series “Raising Whitley” for 4 seasons on OWN and owns and operates her company Kwick Whit Productions. From film to television to standup, and now directing, producing and motherhood, Kym is a renaissance woman and ultimate DIVA!

    Facebook: Kym Whitley

    Twitter: @kymwhitley

    Instagram: @kymwhitley


    Suprise Yourself - Jack Garratt

    Everybody Knows - John Legend

    Eternal Sunshine - Jhene Aiko

    Brave - Sara Bareilles

    Alright - Ledisi

    Closer - Goapele

    Like the Piano - Sampha (Click here to watch snippet from short film PROCESS.)

    Through with Love - Destiny's Child


    -Improve your diet

    • Increase fruit vegetable intake

    -Spend some time outside in the nice weather

    -Sweat out the bad energy

    • In the sun

    • At the gym

    -Do some outdoor activities

    -Clean up your space

    • De-clutter

    • Donate/sell

    • Purge


    -Dive into your interests/hobbies

    -Put some extra energy into your free time

    -Use the extra hours of sunlight after work to do something you love

    -Put in some extra effort in an area that matters to you in your life


    -Remain positive and enthusiastic about what can happen in your life

    -Practice humility and gratitude

    -Write down ideas that come to you during the day

    -Engage in conversations about meaningful things happening in your life

    -Reflect on the relationship between your present and your future


    • Practice Prayer

    • Journal

    • Meditation

    • Get an accountability partner

    • Strengthen your spirituality


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