Sarahn Says Sundays - 10.30.16

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    Conversations that Count

    (Collective Evolution)

    6 Things You Should Know Before You Buy Almond Milk Again

    (Dove Beauty)

    Body-Love, Body-Shaming and Health

    (Teen Depression and Anxiety: What Can You Do

    (Pedestrian TV)

    How to Bounce Back from a Fitness Failure

    Tracks from Show  (In order played)

    Me - Kina

    Try Again - Aaliyah

    Deserve Better - Khelani

    Fantasia - I Feel Beautiful

    Rise Up (From Epic Soundtrack) - Beyonce

    Just Do You - India.Arie

    Faith - Jordin Sparks

    Still Standing - Monica

    You Gotta Be - Des'ree

    Who You Are - Jessie J

    D.R.A.M. Sings Special - Chance The Rapper

    Motivation Message on Patience

    Positive Affirmations and Week Wellness

    I am a person of unlimited potential

    Challenging relationships are gifts to help me evolve

    I am supported energetically by divine energy

    3 T's of Trajectory

    Tune In: Be PRESENT! Don’t allow what happened yesterday or what can happen tomorrow take up space in what your head or hands are holding  today.

    Turn Up the Volume: Be ALIVE! Get excited about your life.

    Transformational Willingness: You have to be inclined and willing to take advantage of all knowledge and opportunity that might come your way.

    Week Meditations

    "Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen." - Winston Churchill

    "All of the water in the world can't drown you, unless it gets inside you." - Eleanor Roosevelt

    The ‘conditions’ of our life are the ‘curriculum of our evolution’.” – Mary Morrissey

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