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Sacred Woman Winter: Week Five

"Consistency is not perfection. It is simply refusing to give up."

Life these past couple of weeks has felt like a mad dash to something ultimately more important. I keep reminding myself that everything I'm doing is pushing me further and further in the direction of my dreams, but I don't always know if that's the case. Some things feel like busy work, to please somebody else, or make a little cash, or to replace boredom with movement. My challenge to myself over the past week has been to be still long enough to hear God talk to me; to receive the answers to my questions, and it's happening slowly. Slowly but surely.


I had the opportunity this week to spend time with other women who are facing similar challenges. I really gained, just mentally from listening to their experiences and stories. I look forward to continuing the conversation with them in coming weeks.

I have been finding healing less and less in other people and more in my individual practices that keep me motivated and prepared. I'm learning that everyone won't always have the answers, and to lean on and depend on yourself as much as possible before running straight to others for guidance. How can we expect anyone to meet us where we are, if we have not met ourselves where we are?




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