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To 2019! The Year of Growing UP, Going After and Getting There!

So I've never been one to see a new year as an opportunity to go after those things I failed to reach the year before. HAHAHA! No, I'm totally kidding. That's exactly who I am! I'm the person that sees every new week as an opportunity to start a new habit, and sees everyday as a new chance at being an optimist. I am ALL about the START UP! I believe in the power of starting new things, trailing new roads, and becoming a better person, simply because you want to. And I have to admit that I haven't always been the best at the follow through, so   2019 is just that opportunity for me, but instead of it being a new year in my life, I see it as the next stage of my adulthood, so it means a little more.

This year I am...

Turning 25 (NEXT STAGE!)Publishing my 1st BookStarting Grad SchoolProving to my body that I can do anythingShowing my bank account who's the BossLoving myself more and more each day

That can't be too hard right! I am more than confident in my ability to accomplish any and everything I set my mind too. I've done it before, and I'll continue to do it again and again, BECAUSE I CAN! There is nothing in between me and my goals, but a strong swing and a slide split.



I'm learning that the magic of accomplishing your goals really is as simple as riding the wave of self-belief and stamina. And maybe simple doesn't equate to easy, but living below your potential or your vision of what you want for your life can't be any easier. I mean, just think about how you feel when you don't do what you tell yourself you're going to do. There is nothing sexy or satisfying about that. What is sexy and satisfying however, is setting goals you know will improve your life, overcoming obstacles that appear on your path, and being happy and at peace the entire time, because not only are you grateful for another day to love the life you are living, but you actually love the life you are living...BECAUSE YOU CAN!


That's it right there. That, I believe is the magic formula.

Now you can do what you want with your time and energy. So DO WHAT YOU WANT! Do what makes you come alive, and what makes you feel like living your life is the best thing that could have ever happened to you. Make the hard work, focus, and dedication things you LOVE because you know it's all a part of the journey and you can't and won't get there without finding some space in your life for those things. The final note: don't forget to love yourself. Love yourself so much that you can't not go after what you deserve. Love yourself so much that it only feels good to treat yourself right. Love yourself so much that no matter what happens you're committed to being at peace with what you have and who you are, BECAUSE WHAT ELSE CAN YOU REALLY DO?

To 2019! To dreams and dares! To serendipity and synergy! To love and laughter! To growing up, going after and getting there! Cheers!


What are you going after and getting to this year? How are you growing UP? Leave your comments below.

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