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Muscle Moment: Triceps

I must admit, my upper arm strength is not the greatest...and neither is my desire to work on it. However, recently, after a trip to the gym and a failed attempt at doing just two pull-ups, I've decided to give my guns another go! After doing a little research, I started by working on my triceps. The tricep itself is made up of 5 different muscles. Your tricep makes up almost 2/3 of the muscles in your arm. Triceps help with shoulder stability and they're an important part of the upper arm strength you need to carry your own weight or lift someone else up! #sarahnsays

Things to be mindful of when working on your triceps

1. Maintain control of your elbows and  keep them close to your ears or sides

2. Be mindful of your neck

3. If using a weight, choose manageably.

3 Ways to Work on Your Triceps


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