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Muscle Moment: Calves

I danced most of my life growing up and as a result my calves were always toned, but as I got older and my body started to change, I realized running wasn't enough to keep them as strong as I wanted. I would find that after walking up a long flight of stairs or even just stretching in an unusual way, I would feel tension and pain in my calf muscles. It was also a place that I would get a charlie horse in every now and then. I started to work on my calf muscles specifically, when I learned how essential they are to the overall strength of my legs. Now it's a muscle that I look forward to working on everyday. If you don't have time to do these exercises you can work on your calves just by putting pressure on your toes and/or heals while walking up the stairs or try touching your toes without bending your knees. #sarahnsays

2 Ways I work out my Calves... (I also do mountain climbers)


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