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900 AM W.U.R.D. – Lessons from The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Monday evening, I did my weekly segment on The Lounge on Philadelphia’s 900 AM W.U.R.D to talk to listeners about The 4 Agreements, a book I'm reading this year and the lessons inside of it taught by author Don Miguel Ruiz. I shared with listeners the 4 agreements and broke down the meaning of each agreement in my words. I also talked about the 17 books I’m ‘Reading, Reviewing and Resourcing’ in 2017, and how listeners can join in to gain from these texts. The Lounge is hosted by Keaton Nichols and produced by Eric Nixon. To find out more about W.U.R.D. and Black Talk Media click here:

Soundcloud Link to my segment: 

On-Air: (0:51-20:11)

Check out my segment LIVE on Mondays 6pm PST/9pm EST on Facebook here: 900AM WURD to hear me give insight on keeping your mind, body and soul right for your life. You can also listen to The Lounge at the same time here:

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