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Sacred Woman Winter: Week Six

If you don't enjoy what you have, how can you be happier with more?


My mood has been up uP UP! these past few days. The sun has been shining, the people in my life are doing well and the EAGLES won the Super Bowl! Yessss! It is such an exciting time to be a Philadelphian, and just to be alive! I have been spending a lot of time planning out my future moves, meeting really good people, and working out my mind, body, and soul! I got back in the gym last week and have been going consistently. It has made such a positive impact on my attitude and I am looking forward to the body tightening, which I can see happening already!! I have also been writing and reading and dancing. It has all been liberating.


Technically, we are half way through winter! It is a beautiful thing to watch time pass and see how things grow and evolve over time. I feel like I am in a great place of change and development which is keeping my spirits high and my worries low. I am really looking forward to exercising my passions and beginning new journeys that I know will enhance my growth and continue to push me in the direction of my goals and aspirations. I am just grateful for where I am and right now and grateful to have the wisdom and clarity that I've been praying for. Life is an uphill journey, and everyday is not the easiest day of our lives, but everyday is a blessing and I refuse to forget that on this path through Sacred Womanhood.




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