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Sacred Woman Winter: Week Seven


I have come to a new revelation about where I am in my life, exactly at this moment and it has truly set me free. The space in between all my thoughts, is growing deeper and deeper and there I am finding peace in the present moment. I feel so good. I have been staying consistent with my goals and haven't taken life or breath for granted at any moment! All the cracks in the sidewalk are art in my life, and the beauty of every human soul fills my heart with joy. All of the imperfections of my life are so perfectly seen as beautiful and worthy of love, and I am loving them. I usually have seasonal depression around this time of year (at least I have for the past 6-7 years or so) but this year my life feels like its blooming up towards the sun. My expectations of myself and others are limited to giving and receiving love.


I am thoroughly enjoying meeting new people, and being open to every interaction. I feel like I am flying. I am getting up early and praying and meditating in the morning. I am focusing on all the things that make me happy and giving less and less time to the things that are not bringing me joy. I thank the universe everyday for who it is helping me to become and the room I have to grow with the opportunity of every new day. My next Sacred Woman Yoga event is approaching and I am so excited to share my peace and sanity with my fellow Sister Queens. I think this wave of life is contagious and I want to share it with every living soul.



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