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Sacred Woman Winter: Week Eight

"Most of us are angry, most of us are strangely, more alike than we like to believe. Most of us are empty, most of us are simply, more alive in the scenes of our dreams. Then there's you. You've got something I've been wanting, ooooh, you're so new. You're my salvage, you're my balance, oooh, you're so new.

Most of us are hurting, most of us are searching, for someone to love, someone to understand. Most the time I'm fighting, multiple voices residing in my head. Then there's you. You bring silence to my violent truth, yes you do. Oooooh, you're my salvage, you're my balance, oooh, you're so new."


I feel so close to God. This week I was able to accomplish so many of my goals and move forward on my journey to greatness. Before I have felt pressured to act in certain ways knowing that wasn't exactly what my spirit wanted or where my love lived. But more and more it feels so natural to do certain things and just be. I love it! I love the energy I have even when I don't get sleep. I love the fulfillment I get from being alone. I love the newness of my relationship with myself and the most high. It feels so pure and genuine and full.


When I first heard the lyrics to Jhene Aiko's 'New Balance', I thought of love lost, and love found. I haven't won every battle in love. Loving myself, loving others, being a constant reflection of love, are things I am continuously learning through trial and error. But as I am finding my 'New Balance' of love, the presence of God is everywhere inside of and around me. So when I think about what it means to find balance, a new balance, that silences the violence of the chaos of my life, I feel so at peace and purposed in just being who I am, accepting and encouraging myself every step of the way.




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