June 2019 Calendar Challenge

    In 2019, Sarahn Says is here to help you adopt healthy habits. One day of positive action towards improving your health is great, but real transformation comes from consistency and developing healthy habits. This month, choose 1 healthy habit that you will adopt from daily practice. Habits are developed by performing an action for 21 days straight. If you stray off, forgive yourself and instead strive to perform the action at least 21 days in the month. Focus on 1 habit that will really improve your life (don’t try to do them all). You have options! Remember YOU are in charge of your life.

    Healthy Habit Option #1:

    Drink lots of water

    Healthy Habit Option #2:

    Dedicate at least

    5 minutes to prayer

    Healthy Habit

    Option #3:

    Send someone an uplifting message

    Healthy Habit

    Option #4:

    Avoid negative talk about others

    Uplift those around you by getting your family, friends, and co-workers involved. Share your experience with posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the hashtags #sarahnsays and  #ccjune19.

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