8 Tips for the NEW YEAR

8 Tips for the NEW YEAR:

If you want to listen to me sharing these same tips with my listeners, play the video below.



1) Reach out to people you've lost contact with... It's so easy to let weeks, months, and years go by without connecting with people you've lost contact with. But the presence of people you care about, whether it big or small, is the biggest gift life can give you. So reach out to people when you're thinking about them and don't let fear or apathy get in the way of connecting with someone you truly care about.

Make sure you're giving time, energy and effort to the people you care most about. Go the extra mile for a close friend, offer a shoulder when a family member needs it and give always where and when you can. Life will reward you in so many ways for it and it will...strengthen the relationships you value the most.

2) Look for opportunities to gain mentors...No matter where you are in your life, younger, older or somewhere in between, you always have space for positive people to come into your world. You're never to mature to learn more, you always have room for growth. Mentors will always help you, sometimes in ways you least expect them to. They're often not the most obvious people. Mentors can come in disguise. That's why its important to keep your eyes open to the possibilities of purposeful people.