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8 Tips for the NEW YEAR

8 Tips for the NEW YEAR:

If you want to listen to me sharing these same tips with my listeners, play the video below.


1) Reach out to people you've lost contact with... It's so easy to let weeks, months, and years go by without connecting with people you've lost contact with. But the presence of people you care about, whether it big or small, is the biggest gift life can give you. So reach out to people when you're thinking about them and don't let fear or apathy get in the way of connecting with someone you truly care about.

Make sure you're giving time, energy and effort to the people you care most about. Go the extra mile for a close friend, offer a shoulder when a family member needs it and give always where and when you can. Life will reward you in so many ways for it and it will...strengthen the relationships you value the most.

2) Look for opportunities to gain mentors...No matter where you are in your life, younger, older or somewhere in between, you always have space for positive people to come into your world. You're never to mature to learn more, you always have room for growth. Mentors will always help you, sometimes in ways you least expect them to. They're often not the most obvious people. Mentors can come in disguise. That's why its important to keep your eyes open to the possibilities of purposeful people.

3) Start early with short AND long term goals...You don't have to wait until May to start saving money for that late summer vacation you've always wanted to take. You don't have to wait until March to start moving on that body cleanse you could have completed in January. The earlier you start actively pursuing your goals, the more your life will assist you in doing so. Don't let time be the thing that reminds you when you didn't act or when you will act, let time be the thing that reminds you when you did act. Be realistic but challenging with your goal setting, and start NOW!

4) Start actively saving money...The money struggle is a real one, for almost all of us. But it can be less of a struggle if we start making smarter decisions with our finances. This means saving! There is so much power in your dollar. So pack the punch and put it away. #sarahnsays

5) Make concrete time for a hobby...Enroll in a class, join an online community, purchase supplies and start working. Hobbies are a very important part of your happiness. They provide sanity and serenity to support the daily stressors that come with the work grind. They're also great for connecting with people who have similar interests as you do. Above all else, they help you get more in touch with who you are and spark up the creative energy you need to keep your spirits high.

6) Declutter, minimize, clean out...Now is the time! Get rid of the clothes you're not wearing, get rid of the books you wont read again, get rid of the things you're not using. You will feel so great stepping into the new year with a clean space. Particularly attend to your work space, office, desk, etc. The spaces that are most important to have clean and clear are the spaces where you're trying to accomplish the most. A clean slate is a clear plate, an open mind is an easy find. #sarahnsays

7) Reflect on this past year, but create new feelings and thoughts for the new year...Be optimistic going into this next year. 2016 was a rough year for many people, and you might be included in that bunch, but don't carry that energy into the new year. Give your life a chance to be better than it's ever been before. That's so important, but it won't happen if you won't let it. Remember all that you learned this past year, but go into the new year feeling bright and loving life.

8) Enhance your world education...Pick up a book, develop new interests, stumble upon and stop on new information, and find the opportunity for growth in everything. Every person that you meet, every article that you read can help you grow and move one step closer to being your best self. Be open to all that the world has to offer you.

Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, Happy Life!




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