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MASTER OF YOU Summer Speaker Series

MASTER OF YOU is a bi-weekly virtual three-part series geared towards young, ambitious souls looking to take control of their lives. Join us for immersive conversation centered around creativity, spirituality, and self-fulfillment. Gain from speakers MARE,

Chelsea Satine and Katona Payne on ZOOM as they share powerful tools for inviting more courage, passion and joy into your life.


MARE Atlanta, GA

Mare is an R&B recording Artist and Songwriter. The rising superstar was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, where she attributes much of her artistic style and creativity to her city. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Hampton University, focusing on the mentorship of young girls. As a musician and advocate for mental health, she works to use her music as a healing avenue to empower young women and men everywhere.

MARE's Workshop

Courage in Taking the Road Less Traveled: You are Deserving!

will be hosted on Thursday August 5th, 2021 at 7pm EST.

You can expect to gain knowledge related to:

Finding your identity as a creative

Managing your mental health through unexpected changes

Navigating self doubt



Chelsea Satine Bali, Indonesia

Chelsea Satine is a Haitian-American spiritual wellness coach, certified yoga therapist, and entrepreneur. She's passionate about cultivating spaces for women to heal trauma, grow courage and find freedom. She traveled to over 50 countries after quitting her job as a special education teacher. Since quitting her full-time job, she's helped thousands of women on their spiritual journey through her online courses, retreats and one-on-one coaching.

Chelsea's Workshop

Making Room for Joy: How to Make the World Your Playground

will be hosted on Thursday August 19th, 2021 at 7pm EST.

You can expect to gain knowledge related to:

Knowing when you've arrived to your healing

Making spirituality concrete and tangible

Processing your pain



Katona Payne Philadelphia, PA

Katona Payne is a Business Strategist. She is the CEO and Founder of BuildABoss LLC, a full service business development agency. She specializes in Business, Branding, Marketing and Content, and ensures a consistent and effective brand message. As a business strategist and multifaceted coach, she helps develop and define the true elements and tone of any entity. She finds ways to further enhance a product, service, project, campaign, company or individual. She has experience in over 10+ industries and serves businesses all over the United States, with some brand relationships in Greece and London. She has worked in the capacity of assisting many industry leaders and corporate company collaborations.

Katona's Workshop

The Art of Finding Your Passion:

Confidence in your Common Denominator

will be hosted on Thursday September 2nd, 2021 at 7pm EST.

You can expect to gain knowledge related to:

Defining your version of success

Profiting off of your value

Mapping out your power plan


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