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Sarahn Says Sundays - 1.22.17

Blessed Day to All! It's raining here in LA (go figure right) but I hope the sun is shining wherever you are in the world! And if not, may the weather be exactly what you need to find yourself wrapped up in warm blankets taking some much needed time for self.

I'm extremely excited to return to mu show this season and to fill my last semester in college with some sanity and serenity.

January 22nd 2017 Show Content

Conversations that Count

The Women's March in Washington and all around the Globe

National Co-Chairs of Women's March in Washington:

Is it necessary to include race in the gender equality/rights conversation? Is now the time to talk about the pressing issues that face sub groups of women including immigrant rights, mass incarceration and police brutality?, Your Right to Protest & How to do it Safely:

Role of Celebrities in Making Move(ment)s

📷 (Glamour)

Does the presence/absence of celebrities make a difference in our fight for the cause? What role do they play in changing things for the better? Do we depend on them to use their platform to support issues and causes? Is it their responsibility to act accordingly?

Mindful Managing

📷 (LA Times)

Staying Off your Phone Before going to Sleep

📷(CDN IMG Health)

Sitting too Much can Age you by 8 Years

📷 (Getty Images)

Tracks from the Show (In Order Played)

Happy To be Here - E40

Forward (Ft. James Blake) - Beyonce

Freedom (Ft. Kendrick Lamar) - Beyonce

Pretty Bird - Jhene Aiko

Wings of Forgiveness - India.Arie

Hope ft. Twista - Faith Evans

I Am Light - India.Arie

Mind, Body, & Spirit Tips of the Week

Mind: Read 20-30 Pages a Day

  • 10-15 in the morning, 10-15 in the evening

  • wind down on your lunch break

Body: Try Meal Prepping

  • more mindful of what you're eating

  • saves you time and energy

Spirit: Practice Something for 20 minutes a day

  • Duolingo is a great app for learning a language!do it during some downtime (after arriving home, with tea before bed)

Positive Affirmations this Week (Related to Intuition)

  • Linked to physical reactions

  • Processing information

  • Sending signals throughout the body

  • Easy to lose track of signals when upset, tired or stressed

  • Affirmations when you need to remind yourself to find your center with your intuition

I call upon the tools naturally offered to me

I’m open to receiving divine guidance

I am connected to my inner vision

My intuition grows stronger everyday



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